Why Go for Alloy Wheels?

As the old saying goes, the exterior of a car is what hooks a buyer but it is still the interior that closes the whole deal. When it comes to exterior features, the wheels are the ones that can make any vehicle look more attractive. Today, you can find different kinds of wheels used in vehicles, with steel wheels and alloy wheels being the two most common. …


Camper Vans

The camper van is the best unit currently available as a recreational vehicle for the person who loves the outdoors but must make do with one car. It is truly dual purpose, serving to carry passengers and other uses as a family car and doubling as a camping vehicle. Although its appearance is somewhat boxy, it is attractive enough and will give good service both on and off the highway.…


Top Reasons to Join Auto Cosmetics Market

Almost all households today own a car. As families spend large amounts of cash for their car purchase, it only makes perfect sense to care for this investment the best way they can. Thus, it is not a big surprise that the current auto cosmetics industry has generated revenue of more than $41 billion as part of automotive aftermarket sales. …


How and When to Clean the EGR Valve

The exhaust gas recirculation or EGR valve plays an important role to keep pollutants out of the environment and maintain the overall health of the engine of your vehicle. This helps to prevent nitrogen oxide gases from forming and this works really hard.

After some time, this valve can collect carbon deposits from the constant exposure to heat as well as other byproducts of detonation that can cause system blockages or make the valve get stuck closed or open. …

Car cover

Hail proof car cover

If you want your car to be always in the best condition, you must do everything possible to ensure effective protection. The protection you provide to your car will determine how well it will work for you. Protecting your car from hail, snow and ice will save you a lot of trouble. It will prevent you from constantly having to replace the tires or battery in your car.

You can always get a good cover for hail cars that offer what you want for your car. But where can you get the right car cover that is needed to protect …