Canyoning in Bovec – one of our top canyoning secrets

Canyoning in Bovec offers you most intense canyoning experience you can imagine. The company Altitude activities takes you to places that you would never visit otherwise. And canyoning in Kozjak, near Bovec, is one of those places. Hidden from tourists, there is only unspoilt nature and us.

We offer you lots and lots of icy cold, clean and fresh Alpine water, a scenery right out of a fairy tale, and some shots of adrenaline.

Canyoning in Kozjak

Canyoning in Bovec will provide some memorable experience for you and your friends. It is truly an experience where you forget everything that is bothering you and become one with the nature. You drop over waterfalls, swim in small river pools, perhaps even notice the famous Soča trout. You can.

That is what canyoning in Bovec is all about. Will you join us?

Soča really is one of the cleanest, coldest and most beautiful rivers, not only in Slovenia, but the whole of Europe. It truly deserves your visit. Canyoning in Kozjak is offering you a natural playground, an amusement park of some sort along this emerald river.

Canyoning in Kozjak

Moreover, our guides are not only guys and girls with tons of experience and certificates, but are also fun, kind, and people that will bring the experience of canyoning in Bovec to the next level.

How will you get there?

Do not worry; our guides have that covered as well. They will drive you there with a van, and probably tell you a story or two of the places along the way. Bovec lies just over an hour drive-away from Bled, so there will be plenty time to ask questions about canyoning and, on the way back, to share your impressions with other guests. Come and join us.

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