EdgeStar is the coolest kegerator available

The KC2000 has some additional improvements you won’t find in the smaller EdgeStar. It has a safety rail running around the edge, ideal for glasses that tend to slide out and fall on the floor. It also has a protecting metal disk on the bottom. It’s good to turn kegs inside the unit without damaging the interior. In other words, it’s feels a little more senior than the smaller EdgeStar.

It stands on roller wheels that make it easier to transport all over your house. That’s really useful for an appliance this size.

As well as the KC1000, it comes with a one-year warranty. It’s much more reliable than other midsize models, though it’s not the best.


You have to save for a long period if you want to buy a KC3000. The KC2000 lacks digital panel, interior light and door lock.

It’s a bit tricky to reach the proper temp, because you can’t set a temp accurately. It has a dial to configure the temperature and you can only reach a rough degree. We recommend you buy a digital Johnson controller.

This kegerator is not suitable all of the kegs: Coors, Miller, rubber or oversized kegs will not fit. An additional fitting is needed for craft brew kegs. Even if large models like this look ideal for installing into home bars, this is actually not the case. If you really need to do that, you will need to upgrade to the Kegco we show in the video.

Some users may not be pleased with the CO” tank mounted outside. Because of it, you need 6” extra space behind the appliance. And the apparatus becomes a bit more cumbersome.

The KC2000 has worse feedbacks than the KC1000, but it’s not worse than other models in its price and size range. That’s a shame, cause EdgeStar is renowned for its awesome customer support. Anyway, this still is to me the best mid-budget kegerator option, but make sure to purchase it with a third-party warranty as seen in these edgestar kc2000 reviews.

You’ll probably want a tower cooler, just like the KC1000

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