Benefits and Drawbacks of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are the newest additions to today’s wireless world. These speakers work on the same Bluetooth technology that lets you share files and music wirelessly on your mobile devices. These speakers offer top of the line listening experience with no need to use or bother with any wires. When it comes to wireless technologies, Bluetooth might already be in its waning stages but it does offer a compelling performance. 

A Quick Look at Bluetooth Technology 

If you have a mobile phone, chances are you often use Bluetooth. Today, you can purchase anything from headsets, to headphones, and earphones running on Bluetooth technology. Modern netbooks and laptops are also using Bluetooth for wirelessly connecting different devices including small printers, headphones, and speakers.  

The two technologies most common in wireless speakers are radio frequency or RF and Infra-red. Even though these have their unique benefits, they have somewhat limited functionality. For example, radio frequency can sometimes experience reception and interference issues. On the other hand, Infra-red needs the receiver and the device to be in line with one another which thereby limits portability. 

Meanwhile, Bluetooth speakers can work with no spatial restrictions provided that the receiver and speakers are at within a distance of 30 feet. You don’t have to fiddle with any settings because the connection will be established wirelessly between the speakers and the receiver. 

Benefits of Bluetooth Speakers 

  • Speakers working on Bluetooth technology consume relatively low power. Most of the time, there is no need for a heavy external power adapter just for it to run continuously. In fact , most popular models are running only on AA batteries. 
  • Since this type of speakers can work with no wires, you don’t have to deal with cumbersome adapters and cables. 
  • Portability is one of the biggest benefits of these speakers. Most people are using these like earphones or headphones, carrying just a tiny pair of speakers in their bags for outdoor use. The low consumption of power makes them the perfect option for this use. 
  • The connection between the device and speakers are established automatically with no need for installation. There is no need to look for installation CDs or drivers. 
  • If you will go on a camping trip or go on a picnic with friends, a Bluetooth speaker can come in handy. With no need for installation, you can simply set up and play your favorite music in a matter of minutes. 

Drawbacks of Bluetooth Speakers

  • The speakers and the device, whether it is a cellphone, laptop, or music player have to be within a distance of 30 feet with each other in order to function. It means that you will have a difficult time in playing songs if you are sitting in a different room. 
  • These speakers cannot keep up with regular speakers as far as delivering raw power is concerned. Their sound is weaker and lacks the depth and richness of regular speakers. 
  • While many devices are already Bluetooth capable, most music players are still not. 

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