How Do You Care for a Beehive

Beekeeping is both a fun and challenging task. In fact, it is easier to install a beehive than to maintain it. But, your job doesn’t stop after you install the hive and bring in your bees. Caring for your bees and hives is critical after the first step is done. You should get started right after installation. Proper maintenance can ensure that you will create optimal conditions for honeybees and encourage a healthy and bountiful honey harvest. 

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind to care for your beehives.

Replace Missing Beeswax

One of the most important parts of a hive is none other than beeswax. Bees use this to produce honeycombs. This strengthens the whole structure once it starts getting hard and solid in the joints. The beeswax might get lost when caring for your hive or harvesting honey.

Robbing your bee hives

This is why you should be extra careful when you handle the structure. If you mistakenly detach the beeswax, make sure you put this back in proper place. Replace wax if it is lost. You could get replacement beeswax from a different hive that has excess beeswax.  

Repair Damaged Parts of the Beehive 

Similar to other structures, your beehives need maintenance and care as well. It might start deteriorating in time or incur some damages because of bad weather. This can lead to damages like breaking, deforming, corroding, contaminating, and more.

Bees may also get hurt by ants, insects, and other types of large animals such as your pets. If you notice some damaged parts, make sure you repair it right away. If the damaged part is already beyond repair, don’t forget to replace them. Doing some fixes and replacements can secure the entire hive and give it better protection from harmful elements.  

Prevent Wood Insects from Conquering Your Hives

Creatures such as termites and woodlice tend to feast on wood. If your beehive is made from wood, these insects might end up destroying your hive. This is why you should control them at all costs and prevent them from robbing your bee hives.

You can use different methods of treatment such as insecticides in liquid form, soil treatment, and the like. You might also want to ensure that the area stays clean where the hives are located. Controlling wood insects is also possible by removing remains of plants or keeping the area properly maintained. 

Install a Shade and Rain Cover 

Weather tends to be very unpredictable and your bees and hives can get hurt during not so favorable conditions. Hives can suffer from damages because of the rain and wind can also create different problems. For your hive to stay safe from rainfall, a rain cover can be installed to prevent raindrops from falling directly on your beehive.

A shade structure can also be installed so that your hive can stay protected from direct sun exposure. The shade can also be used during very sunny days. Other tools you might need include beehive scale or honey extractors. 

Maintaining and caring for your beehives is important to make them survive and endure for a long time.

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