The Essentials of Corporate Gifts

There are certain times of the year in which Corporate Gifting is a mandatory necessity, you give them to new clients, vendors, suppliers, gifts send as a “thank you”, and finally gifts to Employees and Managers, although, the list doesn’t necessarily end there. Now, you might be wondering why Corporate Gifts are so important, well, the wrong gift will end up in a bottom drawer gathering dust and in the worst case scenario, it could end up offending a potential big client or the head of the company.

However, don’t despair, there is some good news, there are excellent corporate gifts to give that will be appreciated by everyone and it will help to strengthen the working relationships in the office. The truth of the matter is, that nowadays corporate gifting has never been more easy thanks to the help of the internet and the many online shops offering a nearly unlimited supply of options that will get you on the right side of Gift-Giving.

Corporate gifts

What are top corpotate gifts

Though having so many options can be a good thing, first you have to learn to navigate through the multiple alternatives and ultimately make the right choice. And that is what we are here, to tell you all the essential information you need to know beforehand in order to make a decision.

According to experts, these are the Top Corporate Gifts:

  1. Cards and Calendars.
  2. Gift Certificates. (Retail Stores and Restaurants)
  3. Brand Items.
  4. Charity Donations. (On behalf of)
  5. Fruit and/or Food Baskets.
  6. Flowers and/or Plants, Wine or other expensive Liquor.

Checking corporate policies

Before buying any sort of Corporate Promotional Gifts, you may want to revise what sort of policies your company has involving gift giving, sometimes there is a limit regarding the price value, shape, and in some cases, they are even prohibited.

Corporate gifts

Determining likes and dislikes

When it comes about business gift giving the most difficult aspect of it, is the fact that is hardly ever possible to get to know your clients at a personal-enough level to know exactly what they might expect from a Gift.

The best solution here is to directly call your Client and ask them what they would like.

Cultural differences must be taken into account

Whether you are buying a gift for a Client of an Employee, you have to take into account their country of origin and their beliefs. For example, is your Employee is of Chinese descent you must never wrap the Gift in a white paper since to them, this means “death.”

Top quality

Another aspect to consider when choosing a Corporate Gift is to make sure they are always from an established brand since it will be representing your company. You don’t have to break your budget, but make sure your gift is top quality.

Handwritten cards go a long way

You don’t necessarily need to abandon the idea of using a standard “Hallmark” Card, however, instead of just signing it, add a few words of your own, thus, making the whole thing more personal and endearing.

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