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When it comes to foreign real estate Denmark is one of the ideal places to purchase from. The Kingdom of Denmark is the southernmost Scandinavian country and borders Germany to the south and Sweden to the East. For those immigrating to Denmark, a decent living would not be a problem as Denmark is one of Europe’s great economies, and is the country with the highest minimum wage.

When it comes to foreigners buying real estate Denmark has some strict rules unlike in other countries. The buyer needs to have stayed in the country for at least 5 years. This would strongly imply that the foreigner has been working in the country for five years, a retiree in waiting, or has married a national. Before purchasing a property, the foreigner must apply for a special permit. And lastly, when purchasing real estate Denmark requires that it be done through mortgage. Should not be much of a problem for US or other nationals that commonly do so.

Aside from the strict purchasing rules for real estate Denmark’s purchasing procedures are relatively easy. Denmark’s land register is publicly accessible via Internet so property existence can be easily confirmed. Extraneous fees are low and other costs to purchasing property is shouldered by the seller. So despite the seeming hassles in purchasing Denmark property, why invest in Denmark?

Denmark is known for a superior work-life balance, high salaries with a paid five-week vacation leave. It’s also a good place for those who aim to start a family thanks to the high salary and work-life balance. There are also plenty of beautiful places to visit. Cost of living is rather high but offset by the salaries and supported by welfare for those temporarily out of work. There’s also plenty of working opportunities thanks to open borders with Germany.

So if you aim to make your life in Denmark or live the rest of it, real estate in Denmark is relatively affordable and once qualified, easy to process. If you like a cool temperate climate, beautiful countryside, great work and life balance, start now and in a few years, own your little piece of Denmark.

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