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Oxalic acid vaporization

How to Use Oxalic Acid Bees

Oxalic acid bees can be used in two main ways. The first one is through oxalic acid vaporization wherein a device is inserted into the bee colony to heat it until the pan’s oxalic acid content has burned off. The second way is through oxalic acid dribble in which a mixture of sugar syrup and oxalic acid is squirted on the bees in between frames.  

Both oxalic acid vaporization and dribble methods have the same qualities.…

Robbing your bee hives

How Do You Care for a Beehive

Beekeeping is both a fun and challenging task. In fact, it is easier to install a beehive than to maintain it. But, your job doesn’t stop after you install the hive and bring in your bees. Caring for your bees and hives is critical after the first step is done. You should get started right after installation. Proper maintenance can ensure that you will create optimal conditions for honeybees and encourage a healthy and bountiful honey harvest. 

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind to care for your beehives.…